A Fresh Start

You know what I did today? I deleted all of my previous posts. Yes. ALL of them. Why? Because they weren’t me. Those posts were me trying to be someone else, and that doesn’t work. To quote Oscar Wilde- “Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken.” All those posts were just me, pretending to be someone else. But starting from today, everything is going to be a truth. No more lies, no more pretending. I’m going to post what I like, not what somebody else may like. I’m done trying to please everybody, now I’ll just please myself.

So let me tell you what I’m planning to post about in the future. I’m thinking of learning the art of paper quilling. So whatever I learn will be up on this blog in the form of tutorials. And when I have a sufficient following, I’ll open an Etsy shop. After opening an etsy shop, I’ll sell my quilling art and earn money. I will save the money so that I can go to Harvard. But I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch. So let me just set a goal of what I expect my blog to be after 1 year. I want to have posted at least 100 post and gain a steady following of 100 people. So, on 19th March 2015, I want my blog to be 100 posts old and have a steady following. This is my goal. This is what I expect of my blog. So let us see if I will be able to accomplish this goal or not. And now I’m going to end my post without giving a damn about how short this post is.